About Us - More Fresh Import&Export

MoreFresh  is a vertically integrated company that constitutes a reliable and professional partner for all its interlocutors in the fresh produce business

The activity of More Fresh covers all the steps of the fresh produce supply chain, from the production to the marketing, and offers a supply of important services to its customers and partners

We are fruits and vegetables growers & quality experts and  exporters  merged under name "More Fresh "

More Fresh can always send you  special offers for all our products  with competitive prices and perfect quality as we are not only suppliers but also  direct growers who can get exclusive prices .. Trust that will get your satisfaction .

MoreFresh  is always matching the international standards, like Global Gap certificates and international analysis and quality inspection reports. We have implemented an excellent traceability system that matches the requirements of the largest fruits and vegetables importers in the world.

MoreFresh makes sure that the right tools are put in place to guarantee delivery on time, premium quality.

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Our company believes in teamwork. Entrepreneurship, innovation and initiative are strongly encouraged. More Fresh is committed to developing the professional skills of its own employees and to reaching its business goals while fostering a positive work environment.

Integrated supply chain

More Fresh prides itself on its thoroughly integrated processes and workflows.

More Fresh adds value in each step of the production process, from the farm fields to the end consumer.

More Fresh`s integrated supply chain includes:

  • Farming: MoreFresh's supply chain connects its own farms to consumers
  • Production Facilities: More Fresh adds value by conserving, selecting, maturing and packaging agricultural products in its own facilities.